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       Introduc on                       Trent  Dent  is  ISO  cer fied  company  based  in  London
                                         manufacturing and distribu ng dental restora ve materials
                                         in  over  35  countries  across  the  world.  Our  company  is
                                         focused  on  enabling  dental  professionals  to  deliver  the
                                         best possible products and services in dental care industry.
                                         The main target is to enhance service levels constantly by
                                         developing new ideas, techniques and innova ve solu ons.

                                         Trent Dent Principles
                                          1. Awareness of the laws and applicable regulatory
                                         2. Enjoying latest management techniques
                                         3. Observance of preven ve principles
                                         4. Ensuring customer sa sfac on
                                         5. Con nuous improvement

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